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Last updated: May 19, 2016

Snowdon, K. 2016. Institutional Research: Making a Difference.

Snowdon, K. 2015. Canada's Universities: Cost Pressures, Business Models and Financial Sustainability, Annotated PowerPoint presentation from the CAUBO Conference, Saint John, 2015.

Snowdon, K. 2015. Financing Higher Education, October 16, 2015 Presentation to the Financing Higher Education Workshop, sponsored by the National Association of State Business Officers (NASBO) and the Jean-Luc Pepin Research Chair at the University of Ottawa, October 2015.

Snowdon, K. and Brady, J. 2015. Towards a Better Understanding of Credit Transfer Costs and Benefits. A paper prepared for the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT), project 2014-30
Working Papers Series:
K. Snowdon, 2015

Cost pressures and cost theories 1.pdf

K. Snowdon, 2015

Compensation in Academe 2.pdf

K. Snowdon, 2015

Understanding Research Costs 3.pdf

K. Snowdon, 2015

Faculty Workloads and the Innovation Agenda 4.pdf

K. Snowdon, 2015

Administrative Bloat: Fact or Fiction? 5.pdf

Other Presentations:
Commentary on Ian D. Clark’s “A new process for assessing and funding research performance in universities”, November 30, 2012
Letter to Honourable Glen Murray, Minister, Training, Colleges and Universities, October 9, 2012
Higher Education Costs and Cost Drivers Looking forward – by revisiting the past: A Review of Cost Studies, Formula Funding and Cost Drivers, Working Draft, November 2011

The Elephant on the Table - Faculty Compensation  EPI Commentary May 21, 2010

The Case for More Faculty   EPI Commentary April 30, 2010

Canada"s Quality Challenge   EPI Commentary April 16, 2010

Academic organization: Considerations

The public funding of higher education: Is it sustainable?  Annotated version of the presentation to the OCUFA Conference, Toronto, Janury 22/23, 2010. 

The Abolition of Age-based Mandatory Retirement in Academe: Revisiting the “Value” of Older Faculty _ Ken Snowdon, Snowdon and Associates 2007
Government Funding and Regulation: Impact on Quality
Quality 2006: Innovations in Quality Measurement in Post-Secondary Education, Hamilton, April 7-8, 2006
"Developing an Accountability Framework: Key Considerations", NAUBCS, Victoria BC, April 2004.

Speaking Notes - "Developing an Accountability Framework: Key Considerations"

"Investing in Universities: Lessons from the “Double Cohort” in Ontario", CIRPA-ACPRI, Halifax NS, October 2003

Speaking Notes - "Investing in Universities: Lessons from the “Double Cohort” in Ontario."
"Shifts in Income Sources and the Impact on Internal Resource Allocation Policies", Canadian Associations of University Business Officers, Halifax NS, June 2003.
Speaking Notes - "Shifts in Income Sources and the Impact on Internal Resource Allocation Policies."

The changing landscape of higher education in Canada", Canadian Association of University Business Officers, Halifax NS, June 2003.


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